HDP parliamentarians sentenced to long jail terms



A political purge by the judiciary

During the first days of 2018, new steps were taken in the political genocide against the HDP. Over the last 2 days, the dependent and partial judiciary of the ruling power has shelled out a series of new sentences. Law has once again been appropriated for political interests. Members of the judiciary have once again been used as mere tools in political set-ups.

From a legal perspective, each and every one of these indictments are mockeries: they display absolutely no legal value; are based on unfounded allegations and brazen lies; were prepared by prosecutors who since have been imprisoned as suspects in FETO-cases. Thus, sentences given as a result of such indictments constitute the most patent examples of injustice, unlawfulness and a lack of conscience:

HDP Diyarbakır MP and Parliamentary Group Deputy Chair İdris Baluken 16 years 8 months;
HDP Vice Co-Chair Aysel Tuğluk 1 year 6 months;
HDP Şırnak MP Leyla Birlik 1 year 9 months;
HDP Diyarbakır MP Nursel Aydoğan 1 year 3 months; 
HDP Van MP Adem Geveri 1 year 6 months; 
and Democratic Regions Party Co-Chair Sebahat Tuncel 2 years 3 months

Their plan is quite clear: to revoke, one by one, the parliamentary membership of all the deputies of the third biggest party in parliament by means of these sentences, and to eliminate the political figures of the period we live in from the scene of democratic politics. And by this way, to destroy a political movement which constitutes Turkey’s sole hope for democracy.

Of course, none of these steps taken by the government and the state, all based on all means of illegal and unlawful acts come as a surprise. The purge of those who resist the institutionalization of fascism, those who continue the struggle for democracy and justice, and those who are members of democratic social opposition is not an unexpected development.

We warn the members of the judiciary who have preferred to seek shelter with the governing power rather than adhering to universal democratic legal principles, and have led this political genocide under the cover of Law, and remind them once again of the dramatic end their colleagues faced who followed the same path in the recent past.

Those who think they can end the struggle for peace, democracy and equality of the forces of democracy in Turkey and of the Kurdish people through these means are terribly mistaken. They should know that the younger generations have inherited and will carry this struggle on their shoulders with their experience, determined attitude and libertarian courage. The liquidation efforts are once again wasted, just like in previous attempts.

We know very well that the judiciary acts as a baton of the government. There is no longer a judicial system to speak of, and there is no longer a platform left to discuss such issues with arguments that refer to law. The only way to stop this course of action is to raise the political struggle, to build a common front of democratic forces and to change this government -along with its judiciary. We are committed and dedicated to achieve precisely that.

Pictured: Selahattin Demirtaş, imprisoned HDP co-chair, with Sebahat Tuncel who was sentenced today to 2 years 3 months in prison

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