The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign was formed in Spring 2017 and aims to be a broad-based campaign, affiliated with trade unions, civil society groups and the labour movement in order to promote the cause of a free and democratic Kurdistan. 

The Kurdish struggle has often been overlooked by British policymakers and activists alike. This mostly comes from a lack of awareness about Kurdistan in mainstream political culture. In 2014, the bravery of the YPG and YPJ in defending Kobanê from onslaught by Daesh brought the Kurdish struggle to international attention. The egalitarian nature of the Kurdish forces and the creation in the Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava) of a secular, democratic socialist and sustainable society should act as an example and inspiration to those seeking progressive change in the rest of the world. Out of a struggle against one of the most violent, reactionary and authoritarian death cults in recent times, the democratic forces of the YPG and YPJ have created this promising vision. 

Despite their heroic struggle against Daesh, who will soon be defeated in the region, the Kurdish autonomous zone in Northern Syria has come under increasing threat from the authoritarian regime in Turkey. They seek to destroy the burgeoning movement for self-determination as they see it challenging their autocratic rule across the border. Time and again, the Turkish regime has shown it is happy to support and arm Daesh in order to hinder the struggle of the Kurds. The emboldened Turkish regime continues to perpetrate gross human rights abuses against predominantly Kurdish areas in south-eastern Turkey. Now more than ever, the desire amongst Kurds for self-determination needs our support and solidarity.