Mission statement

The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign is committed to promoting the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination by pursuing the following aims through peaceful and democratic means:


1. Keep the border open between the Iraqi and Syrian constituent parts of Greater Kurdistan.

2. Expose and highlight Turkish war crimes to the British public. Campaign to stop arms sales to Turkey.

3. Raise money for community and development projects in Kurdistan. Build fraternal links with similar initiatives in Britain.

4. Promote Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) as a safe zone for refugees and a potential solution to the Syrian refugee crisis. Lobby the British government to provide aid to this effect.

5. Promote Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) as a haven of women’s rights and freedoms in the Middle East. Build links between the women’s movements in Rojava and Britain.

6. Promote the aims of the Rojavan system of democratic governance (Tev-Dem) in creating an egalitarian society where all religions and ethnicities have equal rights and may live in peace without fear of persecution.